Accountant Partners

We partner with many UK accountancy firms, providing them with R&D tax credits services for their clients.

Strengthen your offering of R&D tax relief to your clients

Accountancy firms are increasingly using specialist R&D tax providers so that they can offer a more comprehensive range of services, helping to acquire new customers as well as retain existing ones.

Our R&D tax team can work with you to provide this valuable service without the added risks. 

G2 offer a personal service and guide your client and you the accountant carefully through the whole process.
— Lister & Co Accountants

Our service at a glance:

  • 100% success rate
  • Client only pays when they see the benefit
  • No set-up fees or expenses charged
  • No long-term tie-ins
  • Team with industrial experience and expertise
  • Referral fees for the lifetime of client

Specialist Service

We take the whole process off your hands, reducing your workload and the potential risk involved because we have a 100% success rate and only charge your client for successful claims.  

We have no interest in any other financial services, so don't pose a threat to your client relationships.  Company accounting is your expertise, R&D tax relief is ours.


There is no doubt in my mind that claims for R&D relief should be referred to the experts and I have no hesitation in recommending G2 to assist the clients of this firm in making such claims.
— Newby Castleman

Valued Partners

We like to build relationships with our accountancy partners, working with you to identify your clients who can benefit from R&D Tax Credits.

It can sometimes be difficult to identify relevant R&D activities, so our team are ready to assess your client list with you, if you wish, to make sure you can offer the best possible service.


R&D tax relief is often missed by companies, or simply not maximised. Without knowing the legislation, companies are not able to identify all eligible work, and without direct R&D experience, accountants may not be able to maximise the result of the claim. 

We’re not just tax advisors, as part of G2 we also develop technology for ourselves and for clients. This expertise puts us in a unique position among R&D tax specialists and enables us to identify and defend development work which may not present itself as eligible to accountants or other providers. 

Clients often tell their accountants that they don’t have eligible work because they simply don’t see the work they do as ground breaking enough. We can help both clients and their accountants understand how their activities relate to the HMRC guidelines for R&D Tax Relief.

We understand R&D because we undertake it ourselves

We understand R&D because we undertake it ourselves


We manage the process in its entirety, freeing up your time and giving you confidence in a successful outcome.  Our technical approach to claims is unrivalled. We will work with your clients to ensure the best outcome. 

We’ve developed a straightforward process that takes a minimum amount of client time – typically taking just half a day of their time. We will: 

  1. Identify and outline qualifying work in detail 
  2. Carry out technical research to validate and justify the claim 
  3. Compile and submit a robust financial and technical claim with all relevant documentation 
  4. Liaise with HMRC to ensure quick repayment, typically 28 days 
  5. Deal with any HMRC questions or enquiries 
  6. Provide an audit level summary of claims for each client. 

Claims are submitted to HMRC in a format that we have developed and agreed with HMRC, greatly reducing the risk of enquiry.


Additional services are available to support your business: 

  • We can conduct a client review - a technical appraisal of your client list for suitability for R&D Tax Credits. 
  • We can work with your staff to enable better understanding of what is eligible and how the HMRC scheme works 
  • Co-branded information packs and proposals can be provided to deliver the highest level of value and service to your clients. These can be tailored for specific groups and can be an excellent tool for marketing purposes. 




We will charge your client on a contingency basis, so they won’t pay a penny until they have a successful outcome.  Referral fees will be paid to you as a percentage of our charges, or you may choose to pass a cost saving on to your client.


If you'd like to offer R&D tax relief to your clients, call us now to arrange an appointment.

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