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It’s rare these days to find a business that delivers on its promises so professionally as G2. I would not hesitate in recommending G2 and its people to any other business
— Alan Rance, MD at Midas

·      Am I eligible for R&D tax relief?

    If your limited company is engaged in work to create or materially improve products or processes then you may be eligible

·      What is it?

    The government recognise that it’s increasingly hard for UK companies to compete so they set up R&D Tax Relief to reward companies who are investing in development work. Most developed economies have a similar system in place and to those companies who benefit it’s a crucial tool to boost their development process and remain competitive

·      What’s it worth?

    Usually 26% of your development costs as a cash refund or a reduction in your Corporation Tax liability depending on circumstances. If you spent £100,000 on eligible work you get £26,000 back. Costs include salaries,

·      What does it cost?

    Our usual fee for Chamber of Commerce members is 20% of your claim value as approved by HMRC. Until the end of January our exclusive members discount means you will only pay 18%. And it’s no win / no fee

·      It sounds complicated.

    In some respects it is. That’s where we come in. We manage the process for you, requiring at most a few hours of your time. In 5 years we have developed a robust approach that has enabled us to maintain 100% success rate with claims. We have helped over 170 companies get cash back for their development work, with claims ranging from £2000 - £400,000 in value, and over 95% stay with us for their next claim

·      How do I Apply?

    Get in touch for a no-obligation consultation

G2 are specialist providers of R&D tax relief services. We work with companies across the UK and have experience helping companies from all kinds of industries to get money back for their development work.

We’re based in Nottingham and are passionate about supporting our community through various activities including sponsorship of business and sporting awards, and through developing our business connections in the East Midlands. 

To find out if you are eligible and for further details contact our team now on 0115 824 0402 or email alex.atkin@g2innovation.co.uk quoting 'EMC Offer’.



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