Emma Hartley

We're G2, product design and R&D tax specialists in Nottingham.  We work across the UK helping companies to make more profit from product and technology development.



Emma works as a product designer, producing sketches, CAD models and renders for clients as well as making prototype models.

Emma's speciality is user-centred design - "Make things easy to use, for everyone". Identifying, investigating and validating the problem, based on the user requirements and product constraints. Followed by developing the design, testing it, and manufacturing the solution.

Emma won Nottingham University Ingenuity17 and the Engineers in Business award with PULSE a redesign of the traditional defibrillator that makes it easy to use, lightweight and affordable. Which she is now bringing to market alongside G2.

Emma studied Product Design and Manufacture at the University of Nottingham.  She also volunteered with the Royal Academy of Engineering to mentor young girls in STEM subjects.

In her spare time Emma is a silversmith, and runs an online shop selling silver jewellery