Innovation Consultancy

We help companies to improve their innovation and development processes, through facilitation, training and coaching.

G2 bring a great perspective to innovation. well versed in the theory and processes, as well as being very creative. I and colleagues have been very impressed with them and would not hesitate to recommend their work.
— Robert Lewis, Head of Healthcare Innovation at Reckitt Benckiser

We know that you will understand innovation and why it’s important, we also understand that sometimes it’s useful to get external help.  Yet, whilst external views can be valuable, having a structured approach is what really delivers value from innovation.  

The first thing to say is that structure doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone.  Every project we do is different, because every company’s needs are. 

First of all we look at what your issues are, and prepare a process suited to you, your team and the challenges you’re trying to overcome. 

We have an extensive toolkit of workshops, processes and techniques.  All of which have been designed to support different issues and stages of ideas development, from initial concept through to commercialisation. 

We then support you implementing the process, inputting our own skills and knowledge alongside that of your team.

Our expertise in design and innovation often acts as a catalyst, injecting information, technology, skills and methodology from other sectors that helps clients make the leaps they’ve been searching for.