Mary Amos

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Mary Amos


As an industrial Designer at G2 Mary works on projects at many different stages, from an initial idea, right through to existing design refinement.

Since joining G2 Mary has worked on several projects in a wide range of industries (Sports/outdoors, health/medical, Lighting, Film and Photography, Automotive, Textiles). These projects are a mixture of client lead and in-house projects.

Mary has a Product Design and Manufacture (MEng) from Nottingham University. After finishing her degree Mary undertook a 6 month placement at the University of Nottingham working as an in-house designer for the Additive Manufacturing Research Centre. She worked closely with researchers and industry experts on cutting edge processes and materials development.

Aside from enjoying the diversity of her role at G2 using a range of different skills such as, research, sketching and concept renders, CAD, prototyping, applying materials and manufacture knowledge to achieve a successful project outcome, Mary also enjoys baking, swimming, running, climbing and music.