Apple has reported the largest profit in history


Apple products are everywhere; In fact, I’m using one right now to write this. It’s hard to escape the world of Apple, some restaurants are using iPads to record orders, children are using IOS apps to learn their ABC’s and it’s thought that more iPhones are sold daily than babies are born.

So it comes as no surprise that their success continues and they show no signs of slowing down. Apple has announced their net income was larger than any public company in history through the 3 months running up to December 2014, with record iPhone sales of 74.5m units. To put that into some sort of perspective, that is six times more than Google made in the previous three months.

The greatly anticipated Apple watch, retailing at roughly £300, is released in April. Although a latecomer to the wearables market, it is predicted that the watch is sure to continue in the success of the brand. 

Written by

Katherine Thomson