It's a celebration folks, so let's look at some beautiful Badger related items which have graced the world. 

1. Rock star turned countryside campaigner, Brian May (AKA, King of the Badgers)


2. The Badger song- but not the original one you're thinking of, because this one is far more entertaining! 

3. This famous mash potato loving duo

4. Let's not forget Rupert the bears best pal, Bill. 

5. Oh, and let's not forget Mr Badger from Wind in the Willows

6. Often referred to as 'The Badger State', Wisconsin is all about the Badgers

7. Badger from Fantastic Mr Fox (AKA Bill Murray)

8. Brandon "Badger" Mayhew! Okay so he kinda counts as a badger right? 

9. The Daily Mash have even got a badger t-shirt. Kerching! 

10. There's lots of Badgers out there, so don't forget the fearless Honey Badger. 

11. Badgers are so cool, that they are even used on The Wildlife Trusts' logo! 

So Happy Badger Day everyone. We hope you have a great day. To round it off, here's a picture of some lil'cuties.

Written by

Katherine Thomson