Which tech is right for me?


1 - Jawbone UP24 - This piece of wearable tech can track your every move! Great for increasing your activity levels or monitoring your fitness! At only £99 this piece of tech syncs wirelessly with your other apps, alerts you when you've been sat too long and tracks your sleep to enable you to optimise your sleeping pattern!

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 15.59.26.png

 2 - Brunton All Day - For just £40 this product is a must have for all GoPro users. With the ability to increase the battery life by up to 4 times you can focus on your filming without any distractions.

3 – Ikettle – Ever wanted to put the kettle on but can’t be bothered to get up to do it? This might be the answer you’ve been looking for. The IKettle allows you to boil your kettle anywhere in your home using your smart phone, so long as you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi.  RRP £99.99, it sounds so worth it!

4 – Sound asleep pillow – This is the perfect solution for anyone who falls asleep with their headphones in! No longer will bedtime be spent fighting with tangled wires or trying to get comfy in Bluetooth headphones, for £17.99 you can fall asleep with your music streaming through a small, unnoticeable speaker in your comfortable pillow.

5 – 3Doodler – This pen for £99.99 allows you to physically draw in the air! The pen squeezes out a thin and flexible thread of heated plastic, which quickly dries, allowing you to create three-dimensional shapes!


Written by

Katherine Thomson