There’s a new kid on the video production block


GoPro made capturing footage super easy, but with a consumer market hooked on capturing everything from surfing the waves to what they’re having for supper, isn’t it about time someone took on the almighty GoPro to see what they could do?

Well, that’s what Polaroid have done! The once bankrupted company struggling against the weight of the digital age came back to life and now exists as a jointly held venture producing cameras and printers.

So where should you place your money? I’m going to compare the Polaroid Cube to the GoPro Hero, as this is the closest price comparison model to the Cube, with the Cube retailing at just £89 and the Hero at £99.

The two products match each other on quality, both with capabilities of 720p and 1080p video and also wide-angle lenses. On paper you could argue that these two products have very similar capabilities, but I think what distinguishes them most, are the small details.

In comparison to the splash proof Polaroid, the Hero is waterproof up to 40metres and is built to withstand dirt, sand and nearly anything else you can throw at it, which makes it appealing for the outdoor videographer who wants to use this product for sports footage. However you are able to buy a waterproof house for the Cube for only £20, an option worth considering when purchasing. The Cube does have the convenience of only being 35mm tall on it’s side. This tiny product does almost everything the Hero does, and under half the size, though some may argue this isn’t a good thing as something so small can be easily misplaced too.

Though it doesn’t hold the same reputation as GoPro, the Polaroid Cube is proving a popular comparison in YouTube videos with people backing it strongly.

With the GoPro range now stretching into the hundreds of pounds bracket, there are some serious options for capturing professional standard footage. The Hero proves, it’s the basic end of the GoPro market but compared to the Polaroid Cube, which has room to maneuver and grow, it’s important to remember that although it may not be the most powerful product on the market; it sure isn’t a bad place to start. 


Written by

Katherine Thomson