At G2 our engineers and designers are compelled to make incredible technology that connects with people on an unprecedented level. 

The G2 Protein Printer 3D combines in a single product a design that allows the user an unparalleled experience of technical innovation and protein-rich nourishment, producing the world’s first delicious printed meat and egg products and revolutionising additive manufacturing. 

The G2ProP protein cartridges produce 12-13 scotch egg sized creations providing meat based printing on a revolutionary platform in ultra high resolution 30 micron print layers.

We’ve worked closely with meat-snack experts from around the local area to understand the history and cultural significance of scotch eggs, and this has profoundly informed our process.

The control system is familiar and shows vital content on a small display, relating fundamentally important information specific to the challenges of polymerising amino acids to synthesise polypeptides, enabling precise adjustments with its efficient use of algorithms to create tasty protein based office snack and picnic products.

This product takes advantage of incredibly nuanced interaction at the molecular level created by Flexible Protein Jet Printing (FPrJP) which integrates many subsystems into a compact design encapsulated into the recognisable form of a 3D printer and in using precise environmental control often allows warm snacks to be eaten directly from the extruder.

The forthcoming software release G2FPrJP3D 2.0 Mooncake introduces support for new G2 Molecu-Pro Pastry cartridges taking additive manufacturing to a new context to create custom items such as mini-pork pies and bite-sized sausage rolls.