Summer is on it’s way, and contrary to what ‘Game of Thrones’ keeps telling us, Winter is actually very much behind us now, so we better crack out the coolest cooler and get our shades on.

Coolest Cooler?’ I hear you ask. I’m going to explain that, and also open your mind to some of the best summer tech out there.

So the ‘Coolest Cooler’, really is very cool. It is basically summer in a stylish box. Don’t believe me? Let me explain. Not forgetting that the cooler is there to keep all your favorite beverages and snacks cool, it also has these super cool features to enhance your summer… 

1.     The Coolest Cooler has a 5-watt Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker with dual drivers and a resonator plate for excellent clarity base and volume. Bluetooth 4.0 allows you to stream music from up to 30 feet.  Let the party commence!

2.     Not only does this Cooler have an amazing speaker, but it also has an accessory desk which lets you store your personal accessories in a safely secured and hidden from view deck compartment.

3.     You know those beautiful sunny days when all you want is a refreshing drink filled with ice? Yet you’re out in the garden enjoying the weather, and the kitchen just seems so far away. Well, the Coolest Cooler has a built in 18-volt ice-crushing blender, enabling you 6 gallons worth of pure blended joy. Frozen ice tea, anyone? Most certainly!

4.     Did I mention that the Cooler has a 20-volt battery? Well, it does, and with the speaker and blender, you can get even more out of it. The USB charger is fully waterproof and allows you to recharge your gear wherever you are!

5.     The lid keeps the party going all night with built-in LED lights at the push of a button. By this point, you’re no longer dreaming of being at a summer party, you are the party and complete with the extra-wide, easy-rolling tires, the party goes wherever you go.

6.     I guess by this point you’re getting a bit peckish, it’s mid afternoon and you’re all partied out, time to recharge your own batteries with a snack from the cooler. If only you had a plate for your snacks, and a chopping board to whip up some cucumber batons to accompany your well-chosen dip selection…well, you guessed it, there is! While your drinks and snacks are busy chilling, the cool box divider doubles up as a chopping board, and the integrated storage contains four colour matched reusable plates and a sharp rust-proof knife.

Do you really need more points to be convinced?


I didn’t think so.

Now lets look at what summer tech you can use if you don’t want to constantly party for the next 5 months.

If you’re more the outdoorsy type and nothing excites you more than a walk into the wilderness with nothing more than a flask and a childlike sense of adventure, then let me introduce you to Earl.

Earl is an android powered, solar-charged, two way radio enabled, waterproof tablet. Full solar powered charge lasts for 20+ hours so you’re never left in the dark about where you are or how to get in touch with the authorities if you’re in an emergency situation.

Earl’s GPS chipset gives you a precise reading of your location, direction and elevation. Combine Earl with ‘’ and instantly have access to over 300,000 trails so you can get the most from being outdoors. If you would like to keep track of your heart rate, pace and cadence then you can do this too, all you need to do is connect ANT+ or a Bluetooth 4.0 device.

Mother Nature will never catch you out because Earl’s internal weather sensors accurately forecast the weather even in the most remote location.

This is the ultimate outdoor tool for when you want an escape from everyday technology, but not from all communication. Earl’s built in waterproof radio lets you tune in to the world no matter where you are, and the built in walkie-talkie means you’re never far from being able to reach out too. Water/dust/shock and mud proof, this durable device works in temperatures between 0-50 degrees and altitudes up to 40,000 feet. The glove friendly touchscreen means this device will work in almost any condition.

Looking for something for your camping trip? It get’s pretty cold in the woods at night, and sometimes you just want some hot food and a cuppa to warm your bones. Alas, the woods don’t have streams of hot soup or waterfalls of tea, so you’re going to have to sort this one yourself.

This is where the ‘BioLite CampStove’ comes in. Burning only wood, the CampStove creates a smokeless campfire that can cook food and boil water.

Did I mention that this super efficient fire also produces electricity? BioLite’s core technology captures the waste heat from the fire and converts this heat into useable electricity. The USB attachment on the side, allows you to charge your phone, gadgets, torches and more.

This product folds into itself for ultimate space saving convenience so you don’t need to allocate tons of space in your rucksack to take this stove with you, and it weighs only 2.06ibs!

Like to Kayak to a beat or wish you could party in your canoe? No, probably not, but at least now you have the option. The ECOXBT waterproof Bluetooth speaker is the ultimate pool speaker. With a 12-hour battery life, you’ll not have to worry about your music stopping while you’re out.

Being fully waterproof, the ECOXBT also floats, so you can drop it in a pool, or whatever watery setting you’re in and not have to worry about it sinking or malfunctioning.

The British weather is so unreliable’, I hear you cry.

Don’t despair! Just download a good weather app. BBC Weather keeps you up to date on all the latest weather, breaking it down hour by hour so you know exactly when to plan your adventures, when to get your party going and when to pack your raincoat.

Well, there you go. You’re all set!

Written by

Katherine Thomson