Top ten gadget gifts to buy your dear papa for Fathers day.

(Or for anyone really, because I can assure you, they’re all super cool gift ideas!)

Father’s day has come hurtling around again and so the mission for a great present begins! With less than one week to go, I’m going to help all of you panicking people out there, who, like me, haven’t a clue what to buy.

1.    MiP

MiP is your very own little robot buddy; its motion is completely controlled by you and can even be controlled using GestureSense, meaning that you can control your robot remotely using your hand. MiP is balanced in the same way as a Segway is and is equipped with a carry tray, which can carry twice its weight. This is the ultimate gadget for those who want the ease of travelling the TV remote across the room or passing a fresh drink to their friend without needing to get up. This robot has its own built in emotions and personality so you need to be nice to it, or you’ll have to deal with one grumpy robot! For £89.99, you get a robot friend and carrying device all in one!

2.    Retro Touch Speaker 

You can never go wrong with a stylish retro gadget. At £29.99, this nostalgia-inducing speaker combines old and new seamlessly. Although it looks like it’s out of the 1970’s it is actually full of the latest tech. Not only is this cool little gadget only a speaker, it also acts as a stand for watching films on your phone or reading from recipes in the kitchen! (Just make sure to stand it in a safe place.) This Bluetooth free speaker won’t drain your phones battery. Instead using the latest near field audio technology, this speaker instantly amplifies your sounds so you can enjoy your music with a boost.

3.    Cycle Speaker 

Wires, wires, wires! They’re annoying aren’t they! Especially when trying to do something else, like cycling. With limbs and wheels flailing around, the last thing needed is a pesky wire getting caught up in the mix! That is where the Cycle Speaker steps in! This convenient speaker from Mayhem UK provides excellent sound quality in an innovative bottle shaped design, which fits securely onto the bikes drinks holder. For £11.99, this is the perfect Fathers day solution for all the outdoorsy dads out there who like to cycle to a beat! 

4.    SMART Rotating Stone Bake Pizza Oven

Is your Dad a Pizza fiend? Perhaps a man who knows a good pizza base when he see's one? Or just a man who is always searching for tasty, high quality, delicious baked goods?

This rotating pizza oven might just be the gift you’re looking for. With adjustable temperature settings, the oven absorbs heat and distributes it evenly to produce a perfectly crispy base and thoroughly cooked toppings. This brilliant little oven has an analogue timer and a viewing panel, so you can have a sneaky little peak at the pizza progress!

5.     Fitbit Flex

For the fitness fanatic dads, or for the dads who want to be. The Fitbit Flex is a great gadget, which can help transform fitness into a lifestyle. This sleek, stylish looking device, tracks movement throughout the day and counts your burnt calories. Wirelessly working with the Fitbit app, the user is in control of the personal fitness goal they want to set and achieve throughout the day. The light up display keeps motivation on track and helps to encourage movement.

6.    Star Theatre Planetarium

For £109.99, this planetarium is full to the brim of beautiful constellations and celestial movements, well, kind of anyway. The discs included with this planetarium display both stars and constellations so you can get a full picture of the night sky across your walls. You could hardly get a better view of the glorious night sky on your ceiling without ripping of the roof of your house, and this is arguably cheaper and easier.

Perfect for the stargazing dad!

7.    Arcane Arcade Table 

If you really want to splash out on your dad this fathers day, then why not get one of the coolest gifts ever, a huge gaming table with over 100 amazing games. At £4000 it doesn’t come cheap, but it would probably mean you would only need to worry about fathers day this year and then not have to think about it for the next 20 or so years!

Games are not all you get for your money though, take advantage of the 500GB hard disk and Ethernet ports and watch films, play music and even browse the internet on the built in LED flat screen. 

8.    M:Tech IMusic Pillow

For the Dad who likes sleeping to the soothing sounds of the ocean or to a bit of Metallica. This pillow for £16.99 offers all the musical solutions for sleep. Equipped with a 3.5mm stereo plug to allow the listener freedom of what device to listen to their music on, whether they want to listen through their phone, iPod, Mp3 player or radio. The removable wire means it’s safe and tidy when not in use. The perfect gift if they’d like a choice of silence when sleeping, or sounds.

9.    Haynes Classic Camera Kit 

A great gift for Photography Dad. This classic camera kit allows you to build your very own camera! Following the simple step by step instructions, you can build a twin lens reflex camera, enabling you use 35mm film to take retro style photos. For £24.99, this camera kit is brilliant for photography but also for the fun to be had by building, and assembling it yourself.

10.  Cheesy Boards – You Talkin’ To Brie?

Okay, sorry, this isn’t a tech gift. But as far as gifts go, if your Dad loves cheese (which a lot of dads seem to) then here is a practical gift. For £8.99, you can’t go wrong. What better way to serve up an assortment of cheese and grapes than on a board with a cheese pun? That’s right, there probably isn’t one.


I hope I’ve managed to shine some light on gift ideas for you. Whether you’re seeking a gift for Fathers day or someone else, these are ten gifts you can’t go wrong with!


Written by

Katherine Thomson