5 ways to keep cool through summer and the inevitable heatwaves


Nah, just kidding.

I’m not going to lie to you; I dread the really hot weather, summer is like a heatpocolypse to me. Even British summer time gets pretty warm and a heat wave is usually inevitable. Now regardless of if you love it or hate it, you probably don’t want to get too hot and you want to keep your cool and look like the blaring sun and soaring temperatures don’t faze you. So I’m going to help you achieve that, (aren’t I nice) and recommend some of the best tech and gadgets designed to keep you cool!

1 – Dyson AM06

If you actually want some power from your fan then this is probably the fan for you. Some fans lack power but are quiet, others, are powerful but loud. This Dyson fan has triumphed in being both powerful and quiet. The new generation of Dyson designs have improved airflow, and reduced power consumption. The improved airflow paths reduce air turbulence, allowing air to pass through the machine with greater efficiency. Having trouble sleeping in this heat? Well the Dyson AM06 can be programmed to turn off after a range of pre-set intervals ranging from minutes to hours.

2 – UV Sun Sense Wristband

If you actually like being out in the sun (what a crazy notion, but I hear some people do) then you need to protect your skin! These colour-changing wristbands can help you do just that! When applying your sun cream, simply coat the wristband too. The band is sensitive to UVA and UVB rays and will turn brown when it’s time to reapply sun cream. When your skin has reached its MED (mean erythema dose) threshold, the band will turn peach, signifying that it’s time to seek out some shade before your skin burns.

3  - Corkickle

Refreshing drinks are a must for the hot weather! How better to keep your cool than by sipping on a cold beverage? The lovely people over at Corkickle have designed a range of products designed to keep your drinks cool for the duration of your drink. No longer must you worry about ice watering down your delicious concoction. The Corkickle range of products have got your back, they know how annoying it is to have melted ice in your drinks and have a design for pretty much every drink you can think of. The Chillsner looks to be my personal favorite! With its in-bottle design, the ice-cold wand fits into your bottle and allows you to drink through the chiller. See it to believe it friends.

4 – Chili Bed

This is a pretty fantastic way of controlling your temperature in bed. Water flows through soft coils in the mattress pad, actively adjusting the temperature of the surface of the bed and then depending on the direction of the electron flow, the water is either cooled or heated. So as you can see, this isn’t just a mattress for summer (because that would be a right pain having seasonal mattresses), this is a mattress to see you through all the seasons.  With the mattresses timer, you can go to sleep nice and cool and then retain room temperature in the middle of the night when the outdoor heat drops.

5 – Summer Blast Umbrella Fan

How about a fan for the garden parasol? That’s exactly what this is! Running off six D batteries, this fan attaches to your parasol and provides air circulation whilst you’re sitting in the shade! The shade is great, and a perfect retreat from the scorching rays, but without a gentle breeze, the shade can be just as hot and muggy as sitting in the sun.

I hope these gadgets have shed some light on how to keep cooler in the blaring sun.

Now go out and have fun! 

Written by

Katherine Thomson