1 – Android M – Due for release in October/November on a new Nexus phone and then other Nexus devices. (Though not on other phones and tablets until a few months later). This update will focus heavily on bug fixes but their other announcements are particularly interesting. One of these announcements is ‘Doze’, a very intelligent battery saver that has the potential to double your battery life. This deep sleep state is only for devices running Android M, which uses motion detection to determine when a device is not in use. You will still receive important notifications but with the lengthened battery life, you’ll be able to receive them for longer without worrying about your battery! Android M will also standardise fingerprint sensors used to lock and unlock your phone, which will tie in nicely with the new Android pay system.


2 – iOS9 – The final version of iOS9 is expected to launch with the new iPhone (we’ll get on to that in a sec) expected in September and will be available on all devices which can run iOS 8. Siri is expected to be smarter, capable of rivaling Google Now, including being able to understand what you’re talking about in relation to the app you’re using, suggesting appointments to add to your calendar and perhaps the most promising is the location based knowledge. The smarter location knowledge means if you’ve been listening to audio in the car, it will bring up what you were listening to last time. Perhaps the best development for iOS 9 is that it will tell you when to leave for an appointment, rivaling Google’s app. Let down by battery life, iOS 9 will be no rival to Android M with only an extra hour of battery expected with Apples new low power mode.  


3 – iPhone 7? 6S? 6S Plus? 6C? – Likely to hit the market in September, the greatly anticipated new iPhone has already got people speculating about what to expect. It is thought that Apple will release two phones, perhaps even three with the potential to have a 6S, 6S plus and maybe even a 7. Chances are that the new iPhones won’t be different dimensions but will be slimmer. Battery life isn’t expected to be enhanced, however the introduction of iOS 9 will improve battery life on all iPhones. The iPhone camera is expected to be offering DSLR like picture quality. This will be a huge step as Apple continues to rival camera manufacturers and the iPhone Photography awards enter their 9th year.  The truth is, no one except Apple knows the full details just yet, but what is rumored is very exciting indeed!


4 – Oculus Rift – Okay so there’s no release date yet, and it is likely to be next year, but the prototypes are out and the reviews are more than positive. The Oculus Rift takes gaming to a whole new level and virtual reality is something which has baffled developers for the last 30 years. Virtual Reality has previously left users with motion sickness and headaches, which is something that had to be confronted when making a consumer product. Oculus, so far, seem to have achieved it with the Rift, which is a lightweight headset, with Velcro straps and soft materials, comfortable to wear. 

The general consensus is that Oculus Rift is going to be well worth the wait, and as creator Palmer Luckey stated during the Oculus conference, ‘this is only the beginning’.

Written by

Katherine Thomson