Hello July, it’s nice to see you.

Hasn’t it come around fast? It feels like we’re hurtling through this year at an alarmingly fast rate.

So today, lets pause, take a step back and appreciate the genius of ten of my favorite, recently discovered designs.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.09.10.png

1 – Book Lamp

This gorgeous minimalist looking lamp is made from an iron rod, which is painted bright red. The design is basic, yet clever. The top of the lamp acts as a room lamp or reading light and the bottom of the frame, doubles up as a stylish bookmark. Perfect next to your favourite sofa/chair that you like to settle down and read in when it’s dark outside.

2 – 3ANGLE

You may be the only one able to determine the time from your watch, but the crisp design and smooth motion of this watch is sure to catch people’s attention.  The smart watchface presents time using a triangle, which effortlessly changes shape every 5 seconds. With a variety of colours changeable in the watches settings menu, there is a 3ANGLE to suit everyone.

3 – CatCube

What better than a geometric cave for cats?! I can assure you, I’m being completely serious. This cardboard cat dome would be well utilised by feline friends and would act as the perfect retreat. Speaking from personal experience, I could buy my cat the fanciest bed in the world, and he would still choose a tough, cardboard box. This cat cave offers a retreat for your cat, whilst remaining an attractive item in the home.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.16.09.png

4 – Origami Bird Lamp

Folded paper, meets brass, meets light. This delicate looking bird made from paper and brass, illuminates through connection with the brass perch and fills the room with light. Perfectly weighted, this light rocks back and forth when touched.

5 – Origami Door (Drehplattentür)

This elegant design, transforms opening and closing a door into a beautiful, hypnotic process. You will see if you visit the link that the door folds effortlessly at the slightest touch, mimicking folding paper. Currently a prototype and an addition to his artistic practice, this door is unfortunately not available for purchase, though I am very hopeful that one day it will be.

6 – Cosmic Dinnerware

Winner of Wallpapers 2015 design award, the cosmic diner collection from Italian brands Diesel living and Seletti. The 11-piece set represents our solar system and beyond, each made from porcelain, beautifully designed with a realistic image of outer space.

7 – Modular Emergency Homes

24-year-old Australian, Alastair Pryor has created a compact shelter, which is wind, and rain resistant and can be put together or taken down in under two minutes. The idea is that this design could be used for emergency aid relief in a crisis to be able to keep families together whilst providing them with space and privacy.

8 – Slash Lamp

Yes, it's another lamp, I’m a big fan of lighting!

This concrete lamp is pretty unique. A stone comes with this lamp so that the user can smash the shade (or not) and reveal the steel mesh behind it. The lamp allows the user to decide how they want it to look, whether leaving it un-smashed, or smashing different sections of it.

9 – Zero Scooter

Inspired by the design of the Italian motoretta from the 60’s, Bel & Bel have been working on re-designing the look of the Segway. The growing popularity of Segways is what led the designers to completely re-design the product with a fresh, retro design while embracing new technologies. 

10 – Puphaus

This sleek looking dog house turns traditional plastic kennels on their heads. Easy to assemble without any tools in just 5 steps, this house is maintenance free and has a raised roof for ventilation. Made from Western Red Cedar, this Puphaus will naturally age and stain, which is encouraged and is designed to last 20 years.


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Written by

Katherine Thomson