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1 – Full Grown - Square Pendant Lamp 

I chose the square pendant lamp because I think the shape is very unique, though in all honestly I could have chosen any product from the Full Grown range, as each of their designs is exquisite.  The nature of Full Grown is just that. Nature. This art form challenges how we create. By making their products from manipulating living trees into their desired shapes, their work requires months and years worth of dedication, making it a slow but beautiful process. 

2 – Davide Oppizzi – Floor lamp large square

Available in three sizes and shapes. These LED lamps are a metal structure finished in real wood oak or white Carrara marble. This lamp is part of the 'eau de lumière' collection which takes it's concept from luxury perfume, playing on the shape of perfume bottles.

3- Gianluca Mingolla  - The sound of technology

This particular piece, not only is it a beautifully designed table, it also pays tribute to the process used to construct and make it. Mingolla recorded the sound of the CNC machine cutting a prototype and converted the sound waves into an image, which he transferred for the CNC machine to follow accurately for the tabletop. 

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4 – Danielle Ragazzo – Liaison Table

This 15mm pane of glass tabletop is supported by angled thin stainless steel legs, which resemble sewing pins. A different colour powder-coated steel base resembling the ball-head of a sewing pin supports each ‘leg’. This is a beautifully designed piece with careful consideration for both practicality and style. 

5 – Patricia Urqiola – Shimmer 

By employing an iridescent multi-chromatic finish, Uriqiola adds an ethereal element to her ‘shimmer’ collection of tables, mirrors and shelves. Refracted hues and tones transform the pieces when exposed to different lights or when viewed from different angles. This is a gorgeous collection of work and definitely couldn’t be left out of this list! 

6 – Anne Boysen – Toward, Balanced Blue 

This sofa is not just a sofa. This is an Anne Boysen sofa. Joking aside, this really is a beautiful design which allows the user to choose their seating style. Whether that be a chaise lounge, an armchair or a traditional two-seater sofa based on the position they want to sit/lay. The clever design of this sofa makes it a versatile piece of furniture while still being aesthetically pleasing and functional. 

7 – UNSTUDIO – Standtable  

This table addresses an important fact: That standing is better for us than sitting. The design of this table is perfect for arranging your office equipment to be at a level that suits you thanks to the surface being on three different levels. The standable is practical with built in shelves and is aesthetically pleasing

8 – Dackelid Form – Wooden Cloth

Effortlessly combining form with functionality, the table is easily adjusted in size to accommodate the space available. Designed like a caterpillar track, the table extends by using the beams stored beneath the top pushing the batons one by one, creating a larger surface.

9 – Revés Chair 

The perfect chair for cocooning into your own space, and then also for bursting back out if you want some company too. This chair looks both cosy and comfortable and combined with two-tone quilted fabric by Trevira, the back of this chair can fold up and down effortlessly, similar to a shirt collar. Currently in development with an unmentioned furniture company, this chair should be available for sale in the future. 


10 – Sebastian ErraZuriz – Wave Cabinet

This fluid cabinet has transformed a traditionally functional piece of furniture into something that delicately opens in a non-traditional way. This cabinet almost looks like a sculpture yet constantly able to change it's form and shape. As beautiful and delicate as this is, I can’t help but feel that all it would take is for my cat to jump on top of it for chaos to unravel. Overall, a very gorgeous piece, and a strong contender for my favourite on the whole list. 



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Written by

Katherine Thomson