Oh lets face it, it could be anything...

Ahead of tomorrows announcement, lets take a look at what we know so far.

Apple is pretty good at keeping secrets when it comes to the release dates and specs of their new iPhones. Apple fans around the globe are eagerly waiting to see what the new technology will look like. Apple have a large and dedicated following and it’s not uncommon to hear of long queues forming outside big Apple retail stores or people camping for days to ensure a prime spot in the queue to get their highly anticipated new phone.

Tomorrow at 6pm, we finally get to see what Apple have been hiding from us for so long. So what will it be? Should we expect an iPhone 6S? Or are they skipping straight to a 7?

Rumour has it, that there will only be one iPhone launched. Apple have announced that the new iPhone will be significantly different and better than the iPhone 6 and so it is possible that they will skip straight past the 6S and instead call it the iPhone 7.

Great, an iPhone 7, but what will that actually mean? Well, predictions state that physically there will likely be two different sizes available, a 4.7-inch model and a 5.5 -inch model in space grey, gold, silver and maybe even rose. It is likely that it will be considerably thinner but also stronger than previous models so that there isn’t a repeat of ‘bendgate’. Internally, it is expected that Apple will announce a dual lens, 12Mp camera, capable of DSLR-like picture quality for the rear-facing camera and a hike in the front facing camera quality too. Expected to operate iOS 9, with features like battery saving mode to allow users to get an extra 3 hours out of their handset and a new maps update featuring public transport links. Visually, it’s not expected that the dreams of a curved display, or 3D screen will come true, however, the rumour of an edge-to-edge screen, don’t rule it out!

We can speculate and dream of the lovely new features that they might announce but the truth is, we won’t know until tomorrow at 6pm. Either way, they’re bound to announce something pretty special and rumour has it, that it might not even be the iPhone which is the star of the show.

Check back here on Thursday for a review of the announced product(s). 

Written by

Katherine Thomson