We wanted to introduce you to our latest member of the team Natasha Vaughan. Natasha has joined us a Tax Assistant Apprentice and will be completing her apprenticeship us.

We started off asking Natasha why she chose an apprenticeship over going to University?

"I chose an apprenticeship over university because I wanted to get work experience as well as a qualification. I feel that at university you don't tend to experience a working environment as much, and I didn't want studying for more exams to be the only thing I was doing since having just finished A-levels. I wanted to get out there and develop skills by actually doing the job instead of learning about it.

Out of this experience, I'm hoping to learn more about taxes and accounting through the job and the college course. I'm looking forward to progressing my career in that area and possibly becoming an accountant in the future if I find that it is something I enjoy. I'm also hoping to better my communication skills with customers and general skills within IT and calculating taxes."

What’s your role at G2?

"Tax Assistant Apprentice. When I've completed my training I will be assisting in reviewing company accounts and preparing information for R&D tax relief claims."

What were you doing before you came to G2?

"I was studying A-levels (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) at South Nottinghamshire Academy."

What training have you had?

"Through my apprenticeship I will be attending a college to study the AAT level 2&3 course to train more for my role."

What podcast, magazine, website or Tv show you hooked on at the moment?


If you were a super hero what powers would you choose?

"To be able to fly so then I could go anywhere in the world whenever I wanted."

What do you love about your job?

I find the company very varied and interesting and enjoy learning about clients new ideas and innovations.

We're really pleased to have Natasha on our team and are sure she will have an exciting successful career.