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The Power of Advertising

The Power of Advertising

Advertising is part of our everyday lives, it shapes our society in a way that no other media medium does. Conveying one simple message; you need this product. We are shown campaigns which actively instil in us that we will look better, feel better and perform better in our lives if we purchase them. Adverts are so effective, because their images show lives being transformed and are, as a result, enviable to others. 

The advertising industry underwent a huge transformation with the emergence of the internet and social media threw brands into unchartered territory which was largely mis-understood. Some predicted that the social media revolution would lead to ad agencies becoming irrelevant. What happened next, was surprising to many. Corporations are now relying heavily on advertisers to reach a younger demographic who watch far less television than their parents generation. FCB Inferno are a company which capitalised on this unchartered territory. Launched in 2000 as the internet was emerging, this company was more agile than older agencies, allowing it to keep up with trends. 

FCB Inferno, are a great example of how advertising works in the wake of the emergence of the internet and social media. One of their most recent campaigns for Sport England has taken the UK by storm. With over 11.6 million views in 10 days, the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign has generated massive amounts of interest. This advertising campaign is unique in the way that it is not selling a product, it is selling confidence and self esteem. The project, tasked by Sport England aims to tighten the gap between the numbers of men and women working out. Sport England carried out research and found that almost 2 million fewer women are active than men, however 75% wanted to do more. Such a disparity between the sexes doesn't exist in other European countries, so why in the UK is it such a huge gap? Through Sport England’s research, there was one resounding theme surrounding the lack of exercise; judgement. Fear of being judged for being the wrong size, not being fit enough or not being skilled enough were common worries. It is the fear of not being good enough which many women identified with. This is where FCB Inferno have once again shown their abilities. The campaign went viral very quickly and has been endorsed by sporting personalities such as Clare Balding, Dame Kelly Homes and Sally Gunnell.

With more than 280k followers on Facebook and Twitter, 200,000 interactions and 25 million campaign views, this is the perfect example of how advertising has not only grown awareness but has also been a huge success. Their mission was simple; encourage women to feel great about getting sweaty and exercising and smash the prejudices about women in sport. Nice Work FCB Inferno & Sport England, this is a very positive and important step!

Check it out, it's pretty awesome.


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Katherine Thomson