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Earth Day

Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016

Happy Earth Day everybody! 🌍

Earth day, is a day, which highlights environmental issues. The mission is to promote a healthy and sustainable environment to combat climate change and protect the Earth. Through education, awareness and campaigning, this day brings environmental issues to a world stage and engages people all over the planet to stop and think about the environmental challenges we face.

Today, I’ll be looking at 3 fantastic designs, which are eco friendly, and sustainable. I hope you like them!



Fully funded on Indiegogo, the Seabin comes from Australian duo, Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton. Designed to filter and collect rubbish from water in sheltered bodies of water where winds and currents move debris around. The Seabin floats on the surface of the water and separates rubbish and other liquids such as oil and detergents. The collected liquids are filtered and added back to the ocean in a continuous process. The bag, which catches all of the litter, is made from natural fibre and can be manually emptied every day, easily removable by just one person. This is such a fantastic design, and others have found great uses for collected ocean plastic, such as eco-friendly trainers, clothing and furniture.


Sustain Packaging

London Bio Packaging manufacture packaging that is eco-friendly and sustainable. They have two brands of Eco food and drinks packaging, Sustain and Revive. Sustain is made from plants and is compostable, whereas Revive is made from recycled materials and is recyclable. Sustain packages use bio-plastic, which is made from plants such as corn. Regular plastics are made from oil with is finite, whereas bio-plastic sources are easy to re-grow and are a great renewable resource. Revive uses old water bottles and papers, which end up in landfills, to create recycled packaging.


The Moss Carpet

Designed by Nguyen La Chanh as a final project for her degree at ECAL Switzerland, this lush green bath rug made from recycled vegetal latex foam is populated with three varieties of moss. This low maintenance, natural product is now available for purchase from HoO Design who pride themselves on their use of sustainable manufacturing methods and recycled materials. Many species of moss have antibacterial properties, and this living material regulates itself and fights off disease, which is much more hygienic than using a regular fabric bath mat.

Written by 

Katherine Thomson