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Design, engineering & manufacturing inspiration - May 2017

Design, engineering & manufacturing inspiration - May 2017

We've pulled together the more inspiring news stories of the past month, including competitions, inspiration and some design fails.

1 - Innovation is on the map

The University of Cambridge is searching for it's first ever Professor of Innovation.  We're looking forward to seeing what the next generation of engineers will be doing. 

Read the full story here in The Cambridge News.

2 - Steam power ahead

Steam power manufacturing

Thought steam was a thing of the past? East Kilbride-based Heliex Power, in partnership with City, University of London, was the first to discover a way of harnessing so-called “wet” steam – a relatively ubiquitous, yet frequently untapped, energy source.

Reportedly, the expander can drive machinery more efficiently and cost effectively than an electrical motor. Its second new technology, the Heliex AirComp is up to 18% more efficient than using an electrical motor, delivering potential savings in excess of £80,000 a year for a standard 100kW machine.  Well worth a watch.

Find out more in The Manufacturer.

3 - Design Fails

Juicero design

The America company Juciero became a talking point on twitter this month as it became clear that it's juicer was slower than man. Pre-sold packets of fruit can be squashed faster by hand, than by the Juciero. Which led people to question if innovation is dead in America?

Read all about it in The Guardian.

And the new indestructible £1 coin proved itself otherwise.

4 - Challenges and competitions

Plastics engineering and design

We all know that plastics and oceans don't mix, so The New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize is looking for applicants to rethink the design and materials of plastic packaging to make it more recyclable. Roughly 11 winners will be chosen across the two challenges, who will each receive up to $200,000 (£154,000) in grants to make their ideas happen.

To find out more and apply click here.

A £350k innovation challenge has been launched to find innovative UK small and medium enterprises (SMEs) whose technology can be adapted and commercialised to solve societal and industry challenges in sectors unfamiliar to the company. 

The Manufacturer has all the details.

5 - Are your children inventors?

Children inventing

Children are the future, which is why we sponsor a fantastic organisation; Kids Invent Stuff. They're currently looking for crime fighting gadgets from children that they will then build and post on youtube!

Find out more here.


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